2017 Recap/New Year

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I know I’m a little late for a New Year’s post, but we’re still only a week in. I wanted to share a little recap of 2017 and some goals I’ve set for the year 2018.

The year 2017 was a long year, but went by really fast (how is that possible, right?). It was kind of crazy in some ways too. We moved in with David’s parents on New Year’s Day 2017, we closed on our newly built home and moved in the same day 3 months later, Sophia turned 2, we adopted a new doggie (Charm) who is a royal puppy pain :P, David proposed (! …finally), the Houston Astros won the World Series(!), and David and I found out that I was pregnant.

Right before Christmas, my family and I found out the devastating news that my youngest sibling, my little brother, Dillon, was re-diagnosed with the same cancer he had when he was 15 and was “cured” of. It came back furiously this year with a lot of physical pain to his body and a lot of sleepless nights. He went into the hospital and was able to be released before the Christmas holiday. We were so grateful that he was in good spirits and able to spend the weekend holiday with us. He was readmitted to the hospital shortly after and started receiving chemo. He has not left the hospital since and has been feeling really weak and unwell. For those of you who know Dillon, he is a beanpole, and since he’s been in the hospital, he’s lost at least 10 pounds. Dillon’s doctors say that this particular cancer (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) is incurable. It can be treated with chemo to shrink the tumors, but they will only continue to come back. It’s been a tough transition into this new year for my family, but we have so many people supporting and encouraging and praying for us, and that has been a HUGE blessing. We can only continue to keep going, and pray that God will heal him.

So, all that to say, 2017 has given me a change of mind and heart and I have some goals for this year that I’d actually like to accomplish! And share with you all! I don’t normally do the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, because it just seems like to me most people don’t even stick to their goals and I never wanted to be that person (so let’s just do nothing..lame, I know).. Since getting pregnant, I have felt SOOOO different (duh), but I mean completely different than my pregnancy with Sophia. I felt GREAT with Sophia minus some exhaustion in the first trimester. This time? Nausea, exhaustion, having absolutely no motivation to do anything because of being so exhausted… but now that I’ve made it to my second trimester, I feel a bit better. But I know that I could feel EVEN better if I ate a healthier diet and exercised. I’ve always been a more athletic type and like to work out, but it can be hard to do when pregnant. So my first and second goals for this year are to (1) Eat healthier (cook more) and (2) Exercise! I started exercising and running before the holidays and it feels great to get outside and run, or do the workout plan that I signed up for in my living room or backyard. The workout plan also has yoga available which I like to do as well. And sometimes my little Sophia will do the exercises with me in her cute little way ๐Ÿ™‚ The workout plan I use has an app called SWEAT. It’s the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout program by Kayla Itsines. I’ve been doing what I can as a pregnant momma (I’m limited to certain workouts) with her program and I really LOVE it! My ultimate goal in doing this is to be able to bounce right back to my normal self after this pregnancy and workout to my fullest!

My third goal is to cherish the time with my little family more and spend quality time with them. Especially my fiance, soon-to-be husband. Whether that’s at home or taking time away from home for a little getaway for time to ourselves, as a couple or as a family. Sometimes we just get caught in the way of life with social media and other media at our fingertips that we forget to go outside and play and enjoy the quality time and fresh air. I’m so guilty of that, which is why my goal is to have more family time.

My fourth goal is to expand my blog, post more and connect a business to it. I’ve been wanting to get into the makeup industry for years now and have just not been motivated enough to get it done. I’ve done a few weddings on the side, but it would fun to get a business rolling and connect that with my blogging!

Those are my 4 main goals for this year and I will pour myself into going above and beyond those goals!

By the way, this dress is one of my all time faves and I feel so good in it! It’s hard to feel good or cute in something when you have a watermelon growing on you.. so thanks to this dress, I actually felt cute! And I love red! I don’t wear it or buy it often because it’s such bold color, but I really do love wearing it! This dress would have been great for Christmas if I had it before then, but it’s also great for Valentine’s Day coming up! It’s a great date night look or for a fun, all girls, Valentine’s Day party look!



Dress: Ruthie Grace Boutiqueย (on sale!!) | Coat: Ruthie Grace Boutique, old, similar here | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Michael Kors | Bag: Kate Spade

Sophia’s Dress: Old Navy, sold out, similar style here | Sophia’s Coat: Old Navy | Sophia’s Shoes: Old Navy | Sophia’s Bow: Little Poppy Co.

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