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As most of you know, I love animals. Especially my pups and kitty at home. So when it comes to taking care of them, I like to give them the best! I LOVE buying them fun toys to play with and when I found these ADORABLE toys at PetSmart, I knew I had to buy them! They are the ED by Ellen DeGeneres toys, and you can find them online or in store. I love the Ellen D. toys because they are super fun for Charlie and Charm. The ones I purchased have squeakers, which my pups literally go crazy over. The way she designed them has a cute and fun air about them. She and PetSmart launched the line early this year, and are planning to release more for fall and the holidays! I can’t wait to see what she has coming! She also just launched products for cats!

Also, I like to get the KONG squeaker balls for my dogs. They are pretty durable, unless you have dogs like mine that destroy everything immediately, but they are still great throwing in the yard or at the park. I mostly love them because they have the squeaker, and like I said before, they go crazy over squeaks so it catches their attention!

As for treats, I like to buy them the MilkBone large dog biscuits. They are great for their teeth, and my dogs think they taste good. I mean, obviously. Any time they hear the word treat, they look at me like, “What did you just say?”, with their tails wagging vigorously.

If you have pets, I definitely recommend these items and shopping for them at PetSmart! PetSmart has some good discounts going on now too! If you shop online now, you can receive 15% OFF of certain items, and August 21st-23th, you can receive $30 off your purchase of over $100 (online only)! Follow this link to start shopping. You will also find the links for each item below the pictures.

Bunny Toy | Donkey Toy  | Flattie Dog Toy | Kong Tennis Ball Set Kong Dumbbell Dog Toy MilkBone Dog Biscuits

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