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Happy Friday, y’all!

I’m sharing why we love The Honest Company with you today! Specifically speaking, diapers. We have been using Honest diapers since Sophia was born, and we LOVE them! Sophia loves them so much she likes to lay on the floor in a pile of them and take a nap, haha! By the time I was done taking pictures of her, she had all the diapers strewn across the floor…

We love our Honest diapers for many reasons.

Reason # 1: I generally love all of the Honest Company products because they are made without any synthetic products and without chemicals. The diapers specifically are made without the chemicals other diaper brands have that cause hormone and growth issues, not to mention cause rashes in the diaper area. So with Honest, we are safe from all harmful effects! And they are hypoallergenic, very absorbent and fit nicely to prevent any leaking.

Reason # 2: They have super fun prints! And they have new prints for every season! I always get excited to see the new prints, and they just released the new fall season prints available for bundles! We also get to have a say in what prints are released! How cool is that?!

Reason # 3: BUNDLES! You can save a lot of money by bundling your diapers (they also have an essentials bundle, organic infant formula bundle, and a health and wellness bundle). With the diaper bundle, you receive 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes, and a really awesome thing about the diaper bundle is you can add up to 3 extra items, ANY item, and receive 25% off each item! I like to add the training pants/pull-ups to our bundle since we are slowly, but surely working on potty training. Also, with the bundle, you get them shipped to your house for free however often you want them! We get ours shipped every 4 weeks, and if we feel we have too many diapers, we can skip a shipment!

Reason # 4: They have GREAT customer service! Any time I’ve had an issue or any questions, they have helped me in every way and more without any problems and without bad attitude. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s someone with a bad attitude. It puts me in a very bad mood, and makes it very frustrating for me when I am trying to get an issue solved. But the Honest Company has stood true their great customer service since we’ve used them.

Reason # 5: They are always on top of things, and taking care of business!

Side note: We use The Honest Company cleaning products in our house as well. The cleaning products are awesome! They smell great, and they really get the job done. And they are safe to use around children and pets since they are made naturally, and chemical free.

Thank you, Honest Co. for making our lives so much better and much more fun!

P.S. Go get your bundles and snag the new fall prints! You can receive $20 off your first bundle when you order now! Link: The Honest Company

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