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Good morning, loves! Happy FRIDAY!

*WARNING* – This is a long read!

To start off, I’m sharing the story of how David and I met. I was about 21 when I first met him. I was kind of young and dumb at the time (haha) and into cars and going to car shows. We first “met” on social media via this car scene, and talked through text, phone calls, and FaceTime, but it never really turned into anything serious. It died off after about 3 months and I moved to Dallas to pursue a makeup career while nannying full time. I was at work one day and received a message on Instagram from David, 6 months later, asking if I had changed my number (I had), and he proceeded to ask for my new number. I gave him a bit of a hard time because we hadn’t talked in so long and I didn’t know what his intentions were this time. But we picked up again over text, phone calls, and FaceTime. It started to get a little more serious this time and he started asking me to come visit him in San Antonio. We still hadn’t met in person, so I was skeptical and told him no every time he asked. And let me tell you, he practically begged for me to come for a while, haha! I finally told him I would visit, but it would only be for the day. So, I drove to San Antonio on a sunny Sunday morning and made it by the afternoon. I was so nervous meeting him in person, he didn’t care. He had had a good night with his friends the night before so he was feeling it that morning.. *rolls eyes*. We hung out at his parents’ house for a while. I had the privilege of meeting his family, and then later we went on our first “date” to Wing Stop about 10 ย minutes away. And I guess the rest is history. I went home that night, and we continued to visit each other over the next several months until I lost my job in Dallas. After that, I packed up my stuff and moved to San Antonio so that we could be closer and not do long distance anymore. It was hard having a long distance relationship. But here we are almost 4 years later, engaged with a beautiful new home and a sweet 2-year-old daughter, and about to be married! We have both changed SO MUCH since the first day we met, and I am happy to say I am proud of who we’ve become as individuals and together. And I am especially proud of my very hard-working man!

Next up, Big Bend! What an experience this was! I had a wedding to do makeup for in Dallas with my friend, Julie on Saturday afternoon. So I drove to Dallas Saturday morning, met with Julie, drove to the venue, did makeup til 5;30pm, packed up and drove back to San Antonio. I made it back to San Antonio at 10:20ish, washed my face and grabbed David, and we left by 11pm that night after getting food and headed straight to Big Bend National Park. We literally drove ALL night to get there before sunrise. It was grueling to say the least. David drove the first 2 hours of the trip, and I slept in the back on a pallet I made on top of the folded down seats in my car. And then we switched so that he could sleep while I drove. he was supposed to drive another hour, but he could hardly keep his eyes open and his hitting the grooves on the side of the road were waking me up. So, I drove for the next 2 and a half hours. By that time, we were basically in the middle of nowhere, with no town, gas station, or street lights in sight. I didn’t really think much of it until we started getting low on gas…I was starting to worry, and then my worry was turning into mild panic. I had 80 miles left on my gas tank and there was NOTHING in sight. I couldn’t see a thing beyond my headlights. It was also overcast and raining so it was extra dark. Then I hit 40 miles on my tank and STILL not a single town or gas station. By then I had been praying so hard that a gas station would pop up somewhere and I was trying extremely hard to contain my worry and panic. David woke up around this time and asked, “How are we on gas?”, and I just answered, “I’m worried…”. Then finally, out of NOWHERE, we saw street lights that turned into a VERY small town and there, right in front of us, was a gas station! If I wasn’t driving, I would have been jumping up and down, but I was certainly so relieved and thankful to God for providing a gas station at JUST the right time. Imagine if we had gotten stranded out there!! I would have been bawling my eyes out and scared half to death, haha! We were still a good distance from the park too. So after we filled up, David continued the drive until we got to the entrance of the park and then we switched again. We got to the entrance around 4am and the drive through the park was another two hours to get where we wanted to be. It was quite scary driving through the park in the dark. it was so black I couldn’t see anything next to me. Only what was 10ft in front of me. I couldn’t see if there was a drop-off off the side of the road, I couldn’t see the mountains. Nothing. And then we hit a dirt road that had several large puddles we had to cross which made me super nervous because I was afraid we were going to get stuck. And this dirt road got very narrow towards the end… SO SCARY! But we finally made it to our destination by 6am and started getting ready for pictures. I did my makeup quickly, forgot to brush my hair, I brushed my teeth (in the car), and got dressed. David fixed his hair and got dressed and then we followed our photographer on the little hike to the river to start taking pictures. We were exhausted, but it truly was worth the drive. Once the sun started coming out, we could see EVERYTHING! And boy was it gorgeous! I cannot wait to go back, but next time we will not be driving all night to get there..

I hope you guys enjoyed these two stories! I tried to keep them short, but I couldn’t leave the good details out! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read the whole thing! I hope you love the pictures as much as we do! And if you ever need a photographer that’s as crazy as you, Liz with Trek and Bloom Photography is the girl to go to!



Dresses: Ruthie Grace Boutique, One, Two (sold out) | Booties: Ruthie Grace Boutique, old, cute ones here | Watch: Michael Kors

Photographer: Trek And Bloom Photography

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