Trick? Or Treat?


Hello everyone! As I sit here with my WoodWick Cinnabark candle crackling and burning, and listening to jazzy Michael Buble’ radio on pandora, I am enjoying the feeling of Fall. And the cooler weather that’s been in town has been a welcome change to this part of Texas that shows true signs of Fall. It always comes to us Texans a lot later! I hope it stays for a while! I love Fall and colder weather. I didn’t use to, but I sure love it and appreciate it now. All things pumpkin, sweaters, boots, no bugs, cinnamon and leaves candles, the color change of the trees, the way the sunlight hits the earth. I just love it all!

I have told you many times that life has been pretty crazy lately. Believe me, it really has. And I can assure you this is no trick! Today marks a little over a month that we found out about a new Alcorta Family addition. We will be welcoming Baby Alcorta #2 sometime in the month of May. As stressful and chaotic as life has been with wedding planning, finding out that we will be adding another baby in the mix, and feeling completely exhausted and sometimes nauseous, I still would not trade it for anything. We are excited about our new little baby, and cannot wait to welcome him/her into the world. We are looking forward to what this new and crazy journey has in store for us. And I am sure Sophia will love having a new playmate around the house. She loves babies, but we’ll see how she responds in the beginning. I know she will do great though. We are thankful for every little part of life that comes our way, and we are extremely joyful for a new little baby. I’ve had baby fever for quite some time, but I didn’t think it would happen to us this soon! We are excited to be a family of FOUR!

We are also thankful for the support we have had from our families. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them!

P.S. All the photos below are FULLY descriptive of Sophia’s personality. Haha!

XOXO, Kailey


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