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It’s time! We have waited a long time to reveal this to you guys, but the day is finally here! We found out about 4 months ago that I was pregnant, and what a shocker that was to us! To be honest, I struggled with the result of the pregnancy test just a little bit, because I didn’t feel like I was ready, and we were trying to plan our wedding which was already a TON of stress.. Finding out I was pregnant just added to that stress and I was scared and a bit emotional about it. But here we are, with a little less stress and TON of excitement for our new little addition to our family that will arrive some time in the month of May. We couldn’t be any happier right now, and I’m excited for Sophia to have a sibling close enough in age to play with! I hope Sophia is just as excited when Baby comes. She loves to lift my shirt and rub my belly and talk to her baby πŸ™‚ I love that so much. She’s already so sweet to her new sibling and it makes this momma’s heart melt!

We always thought that we would have all girls, and quite honestly, David has wanted an all girl family. It’s kind of funny, really, because I thought he would want at least one boy! We were beyond THRILLED when we found out we were having a………Β  Β BOY!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, I could hardly contain my excitement. We were going to wait to tell our families at Christmas as a little gift, but we immediately decided we couldn’t wait, so we called our parents and told them the great news!! David and I were both completely surprised when we found out that it was a boy since we felt like we would have all girls, but I can’t tell you how excited we are to have a boy. I am so grateful and can’t wait to meet our sweet (VERY ACTIVE) baby boy when he comes.

This pregnancy has been so completely different than when I was pregnant with Sophia. It was kind of a hint early on that it might be a boy, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I would have been just as excited about another girl, but a boy was SUCH a pleasant surprise! But with the nausea, exhaustion, and other small differences, it’s just been so different, leading me to believe that it wasn’t a girl. Luckily the nausea only lasted for the first trimester and I haven’t been quite as tired during my second trimester.

But, A BOY!!!! We are so beyond happy! <3

xoxo, K



Dress: Lulu’s (no longer available, similar here | Sophia’s Dress: Target | David’s Shirt: Target (no longer available, similar here)

Photographer: Liz with Trek and Bloom Photography

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