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Happy Friday, loves!

Thank goodness for the weekend! This week was kind of a tough one for me. I am starting to feel this pregnancy take its toll on my body. I’ve been a complete emotional roller coaster, and poor David has had to deal with all my crazy emotions… ugh.. and this baby…he is such a wiggle worm in my belly! He sure does make it hard on his momma at times! He’s been doing this thing where he gets in a weird position and puts a lot of pressure on a particular spot on my belly and it is SOOO uncomfortable. I can’t even touch it because it hurts so much. Luckily, I have figured out a way to make him move as of Tuesday. My midwife said that I could put “stinky oils”, aka essential oils, on certain spots that he’s in if I need to get him to move. So, Tuesday night when I was trying to get comfortable in bed, I put a drop of lavender oil on the spot where he was, and a few minutes later he moved. THANK GOODNESS! I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if that didn’t work. Also, most of my clothes don’t fit anymore… what fun. And whyyyy are cute maternity clothes soooooo hard to find?! I”m mostly making due with what I have and finding non maternity clothes (dress below) that work for pregnancy, ha! I’m really trying to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can, but it’s been a bit hard on me.. Only a few more months!

I wore this look this past Sunday to church. This is one of my favorite dresses! It is not a maternity dress, but it works well for pregnancy! I love wearing this dress during all the seasons because you can really change up the look depending on the season and make it work! It’s a very versatile dress, and it’s comfortable. It’s super feminine, frilly and fun with the lace detail and I really love it.

P.S. Sophia always has to make an appearance in my pics, even though she hates pictures. She just loves to be with her momma πŸ™‚ <3



Dress: ASOS (not available, similar here & here) | Shoes: BCBGenerationΒ | Bag: Kate Spade

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