Kailey Michelle

About the Blog

I decided to create Autumn Wonderland because of a few reasons. I am a stay-at-home mom, I was inspired by a few different bloggers that I love and follow, and blogging my life and the things I love is something I thought could be fun to do and be able to stay home with my sweet toddler! I also wanted to start this blog because I want to be able to share my beauty and fashion tips with you all.

I chose the name Autumn Wonderland because my daughter’s middle name is Autumn. I wanted the blog to have a deeper, special meaning as a little reminder of how wonderful she is to to have in my life and the blessing that she is. And I love the thought of it being somewhat of a Wonderland in here to keep things fun!

Another purpose for my blog is to inspire you just like the bloggers I follow have inspired me. I want to be able to encourage all of my followers, whether you are having a good day or a rough day, to keep on going and to pursue the dreams you have no matter how big or small. I am a girl who had a dream and still have dreams, and I choose to pursue them, no matter what may try to set me back.

I love makeup and I love doing others’ makeup (which is something I do on the side if anyone wants theirs done 😉 ), I also love fashion, and I LOVE my family! So, Autumn Wonderland is about sharing a lot about them and the journey I take with them through life, all the events in my life and how they impact me and my family, and all my makeup and fashion tips, and I hope you all enjoy it with me!

Love, KK